Amazing Race Betting

Believe it or not, but the Amazing Race has been airing since 2001 and the show has completed 24 seasons. Most seasons start with eleven teams of two people. The contestants race to checkpoints and the last team at each checkpoint is eliminated from the game.

The show has never been as popular as , but there is still a large fan following as evident by the TV ratings. This reality show is great to bet on because you can actually handicap the teams in the race rather than try to handicap public/judge perception.

There is no voting in the Amazing Race. Teams simply have to make sure they’re not the last team at the checkpoint each leg to keep advancing in the game. Each leg teams travel to a country on a limited budget while having to complete multiple tasks.

There is a detour and roadblock each leg of the race that needs to be completed. Some legs will feature twists like the fast forward feature where a team can complete a challenge and head straight to the checkpoint, but the catch is only one team can win the FF.

Years ago there was major controversy with Amazing Race because the final results were leaked before the finale. Sportsbooks were being hit continually with bets on one team only and they had to shutdown the entire market and refund bets that season.

Due to the popularity of reality show betting Amazing Race was brought back by the and now they just watch the markets closely to make sure nothing is out of line. You’ll only be able to bet on the winning team plus the odd prop market.

Amazing Race Bet Types

  • Winning Team – Who Will Win the Amazing Race

Example: Brendon & Rachel to Win 400

Once a new season starts a few betting sites will put up odds on each team to win. Betting on the Amazing Race isn’t as popular as a lot of the other reality shows, so the odds aren’t often available throughout the season, so get your bets in early.

Before the finale you’ll be able to bet on the team you think will win as well, but by then the odds are going to be way less than if you bet at the beginning of the Amazing Race season. You can start handicapping the teams before the show even starts.

As soon as the teams are announced you’ll be able to find out more information about each team online. I never bet until the first episode is complete, as I like to see how the contestants perform right out of the gate while the pressure is very high.

You want to look for a team that handles the pressure well early on. I automatically eliminated any teams from my list that fight with each other, struggle with directions or rush through things such as reading the clues, as these are common faults by losing teams.

I like betting on a fit team, but I’ll also consider betting on another team if they appear to be smarter. Thinking and using your brain in some situations on the Amazing Race is much better than jumping to conclusions and rushing, which will cost teams eventually.

Finishing time is very important in the Amazing Race, as teams’ starts exactly 12 hours after they finish a leg. The problem is that if a team starts at 4AM and the flight they need to take doesn’t depart until 12PM the team has lost the lead that they built up.

  • Amazing Race Prop Bets 

The Amazing Race betting markets are very limited and most of the time you can only bet on the winning team. For certain seasons like when they bring back an all-star cast they will be various prop bets available such as H2H and finishing position markets.

You won’t find the weekly elimination markets like you do for most of the other reality shows. Part of the reason the markets aren’t more expansive is because the show doesn’t have any fan participation, which makes it less engaging than competing shows.

Despite not being hugely popular amongst bettors, Amazing Race still has a lot of analytical resources online where you can see how contestants are performing throughout the season. Sites track average finish position and other stats to help those that want to bet.

Have a look at the bookmakers offering betting on The Amazing Race TV show.