America’s Got Talent Betting

America’s Got Talent debuted in 2006 and we’re about to start the ninth season of the show this summer (2014). If you’re tired of all the singing reality competitions on TV you may enjoy America’s Got Talent, which allows many different types of performances.

All types of performers can tryout for America’s Got Talent including singers, comedians, magicians, dancers and many other talents that in some cases are shocking. The winner of each season wins $1 million plus they get to perform on the Las Vegas strip.

Contestants go through a series of auditions while mass eliminations are made. Once the live shows start there are anywhere from 20 to 60 contestants that have earned the chance to perform in front of America in hopes of moving on to the finale.

The voting has varied between seasons with the public and judges voting out performers on the live shows, but the public almost always gets to vote once the semi-finals start. Make sure you know how the voting works for the current season before betting.

Performers of any age are allowed to audition for the show, which is different from the majority of reality shows. While children are allowed to perform so far we’ve only seen one contestant under the age of 18 win the show, which was in the first season.

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How to Bet on America’s Got Talent

Want to learn how to bet on America’s Got Talent? I’m going to outline the betting markets available for this reality show along with some tips to help you make money. This show appeals to a large demographic and thousands of people bet on AGT every year.

AGT Winner – Which Act Will Win

Example: Forte 300 to Win America’s Got Talent

AGT is not that easy to predict the winner most seasons because anywhere from 3-10 acts can make the finale. Some seasons there is a clear favorite and the odds will reflect that, but typically the AGT winner odds offer great value if you can pick who will win.

Since the contestant with the most fan votes wins the finale you need to follow how the public feels about the acts. Let’s say your favorite act is a comedian. You may really enjoy his performance, but the fact is no comedian has ever won this reality show.

Singers have dominated America’s Got Talent since its inception. In fact, it took until season 7 for a non-singing act to win AGT. Last season a non-singing performer won as well, so it’ll be interesting to see if season 9 follows that trend or if a singer will win.

AGT Prop Bets

Example: Will A Singer Win Season 9 of AGT –200

There are a range of America’s Got Talent prop bets that can be wagered on at online sportsbooks. Want to bet on whether or not a singer will win the next season of the show? Want to bet on who will be eliminated from the show during live performances?

These are the types of prop markets available for AGT. Betting sites also post odds on H2H markets. You choose one contestant out of a group of two and the performer with the best score wins. The number of props grows each season and the liquidity increases.
The America’s Got Talent judges are the ones to impress

America’s Got Talent Betting Strategy

There are some great and unique performances on America’s Got Talent, but when you bet on a reality show you need to strictly think about how the public will vote. Throughout the show’s history we’ve seen multiple male singers win the competition.

If you take a minute to consider who votes on these shows you’ll come to the conclusion that the majority of voters are women, so it’s obvious why male singers are able to win them over more easily than a magician performing a card trick each show.

Unique performances have also won in the past, so always look out for a unique act that’s receiving praise from the judges and the fans. Back in season two Terry Fator won and he was a singing impressionist ventriloquist. However, most winners are singers.

You should start handicapping the show from the moment the auditions air on TV. Watch the performances and take note on which acts receive four approval votes from the judges because at the very minimum these acts will make it to the live shows stage.

Watching and listening to how the audience reacts to an act is important as well. The judges may like an act, but the best acts will receive a standing ovation from the live crowd. Remember that fans will get to vote for the winner of each season at the finale.

I advise against betting too early on AGT, as you want to see the top performers a few times during the auditions stage before you bet on them. While an act may receive huge praise initially if they don’t switch up or improve their act it can become quite stale.

Rarely will a contestant make it deep on this show unless they can continually wow the crowd with their performances and the problem with acts that perform the same thing each week is that the public gets bored eventually and they get eliminated.

With so many acts making it to the live shows on America’s Got Talent the payout odds are often big. You don’t have to bet on just one contestant. If you have $100 to bet on the next season of AGT you should spread your bankroll around on a few acts.

If you do bet on 3-4 acts make sure that you’ll turn a profit as long as one of your picks wins. Don’t bet on so many contestants that you end up losing even though you pick the winning act. This is a beginner mistake that fans new to betting make often.

As soon as you have selected the picks that you want to make you should place your bets right away. The longer you wait the lower the payout odds will be on the remaining contestants. Also consider betting on the male to win prop each season on this show.

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