Holiday Reader Mailbag

Thanksgiving saw a flourish of holiday wagering.  New people that have come to the fold wanted to try their hands at football betting.  As their wives and mothers paid attention to the oven from 8AM on, their thoughts turned to the sportspage.  Three NFL games with the Lions quickly coming up.  The wisest of the bunch thought of America's Bookie to help them out with their holiday wagering need. Quinn from Brooklyn Hey Sportsbookupdate, Wanted to write in and tell you about how the Lions and Panthers made me a mint.  I would be able to watch the first two games before having to travel to the inlaws for Thanksgiving night.  Knew those punk Eagles were quitters.  Brooklyn could see the failures in

Superiority of P2P Payments Over CC in the USA

Many different means of funding American sportsbook accounts exist but the person to person option continually ranks near the top in satisfaction and security.  Recent events have unfolded in one of the largest serving US companies that cast a shadow across credit card processing.  Find out what this is, where it happened, and how the CC solution does not have a quick fix in this Sportsbook update article. P2P Advantages Once a quick jaunt is done to your local MG provider, both the client and the company are greatly assured that both ends of the transaction will go well.  The customer can obtain better bonuses because the company does not have the shrinkage of chargebacks to contend with.  Sportsbooks have more of

NFL Trend to Continue For Week Four?

Attention and discernment of trends can help one elevate profits and reduce risk even in the lean times.  This NFL season has seen the public and the sportsbooks exchange body blows through the first three weeks of the football season.  Big name betting favorites were leading the way last Sunday with blowout covers.  No feasible that could be assigned could realistically cover the likes of New England or Seattle.  Now the betting public has a new theory they embraced last week.  Find out what it was and how it will probably be in full force for the 10/1 game between the Ravens (0-3) at the Steelers (2-1). NFL Trend : Fade Second String QB's Sharps and the public both knew where to