Best NFL Sportsbooks

Success in betting the 2020 NFL season comes down to a few essential factors, but it all starts with one thing – choosing the best NFL sportsbooks.

With the 2020 season still in its first quarter, it is imperative that you find an NFL sportsbook that best suits your needs. It also helps to know what to look for as you search for the best NFL sportsbook.


The Trust Factor

As a consumer faced with a buying decision, one of the first things you look for is a brand you can trust. In the sports betting industry, America’s Bookie has outlived much of its competition with over a decade of experience in providing top of the line bookie services.

The America’s Bookie name is one that evokes trust. It is recognized as a leader in the market and it offers exactly what an NFL bettor wants.

When choosing an NFL sportsbook, choose a name you can trust with your personal and financial information. Choose a book that is known for fast payouts. Legitimate sportsbooks don’t have issues when it comes to paying out to their clients.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Speaking of payouts, 1Vice is known in the industry as having some of the fastest. In addition, bettors will want to check out any fees associated with payouts. 

At 1Vice for example, all bettors receive one free weekly payout via bank draft through the regular mail. Bitcoin, which is a popular banking method at NFL sportsbooks, is also an accepted form of deposit and withdrawal.

Make sure your NFL sportsbook offers convenient methods of banking. The best NFL sportsbooks take care of their clientele with fast payouts. America’s Bookie, 1Vice, and Bet33Sportsbook all receive plenty of attention in the market because of their abilities to process payouts very quickly.

Betting Options

The best NFL sportsbook caters to its players. There are the traditional moneyline, spread, and totals bets; and then there are the futures bets, proposition bets, player props, and more. Betting on quarters and halves has become popular and live in-game betting is the latest trend.

You want a sportsbook that offers you the ability to place pretty much any bet available. With popular and reputable sportsbooks like Bet33Sportsbook and America’s Bookie, players get exactly that.

Bonuses & Promotions

With so much competition out there, sportsbooks have to use something to lure prospective players to their product. Bettors will find all sorts of welcome bonuses and other promotions to keep them playing in the future.

At America’s Bookie, for example, there is always free money on the table. You can receive a welcome bonus of 30 to 100 percent with a 3- to 10-time rollover. That is simply free money you can use to place winning bets.

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1Vice and Bet33Sportsbook offer similar welcome bonuses. You will also find the 33 Club promotion exciting. Pick an NFL team for the season and if that team ever scores exactly 33 points in a game, win or lose, you win $333. It’s just another of the many ways you can win money at these NFL sportsbooks.

Remember, when searching for the best NFL sportsbook, look for a name you can trust. Find sportsbooks with deposit and withdrawal options that fit your needs. Choose one that offers plenty of betting options and gives you awesome bonuses. 

When you pick the best NFL sportsbook, you take the first step in setting yourself up for NFL betting success.