Best Place to Bet in Canada

Are you looking to bet in Canada?

Key Points

– Recent legislation in Canada has resulted in an increase in sports betting similar to what happened in the U.S.

– Canadians have choices when it comes to sportsbooks and should look for certain criteria when searching for one.

Starting to Bet in Canada

Like its neighbor to the south, the U.S., Canada’s courts overturned legislation that makes sports betting legal. Canada offered parlay style betting for years, but now can offer single-game betting options.

With the rise of sports betting in Canada, there is an increase in the number of sportsbooks doing business there. Canada’s Bookie, for example, is one of the top sportsbooks in the country offering a wide range of bets on sports from around the world.

Betting in Canada is not much different than what is found in other countries. Like other areas of the world, there are some sportsbooks that are better than others. You just have to know what to look for.

Sports Bettors Needs

Every bettor is a bit different. The needs of some are not the needs of all. Bettors need to look for sportsbooks that meet their needs. 

Atlantic Bookie, for example, offers comprehensive odds and lines on all of the major sports as well as niche sports from around the world. If you want to bet on KHL hockey in Russia, you have to make sure a sportsbook actually offers that market. 

There are also questions about deposits and withdrawals. Bettors may prefer a certain method of financing their betting account. Obviously, a sportsbook must offer that method or a bettor has to go elsewhere. 

The other thing to consider is the bonuses and incentives offered. Canada’s Bookie and Atlantic Bookie are two sportsbooks among the best in the business as far as promotions are concerned. New customers will receive healthy welcome bonuses and other future incentives for being loyal.

Betting Options in Canada

If bettors, whether Canadian or otherwise, want one thing, it’s options. They will look long and hard to find them too. The most important aspect of betting is matching the scores and odds.

If a certain sportsbook doesn’t offer action on major soccer from around the globe for example, bettors will simply move on to the next one that does. 

With the ban on single-game betting lifted in Canada, bettors can now search for sportsbooks that offer the most single-game options. Bettors like variety not only in types of sports, but also in types of bets. 

Traditional bets like moneyline, point spread, and totals bets are among the options as are props and specials. These are items that bettors are looking for now in Canadian sportsbooks.

The Latest Trend

The hottest trend in sports betting around the world is live betting. Bettors can now place wagers while games and matches are being played. 

It’s fun and exciting and if a sportsbook doesn’t offer it then they are out of luck. Customers around the world demand and Canadians are no different. 

The best Canadian sportsbooks – Sports Interaction is another – all have live betting platforms that allow customers to not only bet on live game action, but also watch it at the same time. Bettors can watch an NHL game and place bets. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Canadians Love All Sports

Canadians enjoy betting on all sports, not just hockey. Yes, the NHL is extremely popular in Canada. The country is home to seven NHL franchises, but bettors like the NFL just as much and there is no NFL team in the country.

Bettors up north have their own football league to wager on too. The CFL (Canadian Football League) starts up in June every year and runs through Thanksgiving. There are only nine teams in the league which makes research a little easier for the average bettor.

Try live betting the Blue Jays

College football and college basketball are equally as popular in Canada as they are in the states. MLB betting is popular too as Canada is home to the Toronto Blue Jays. If you’re an avid Jays fan, you may want to think about live betting MLB games.

Canadians have set records betting on golf and other sports like MMA, tennis, and motorsports are also popular to bet. 

Other Options When Looking to Bet in Canada

The best Canadian sportsbooks will also have other options for bettors. When it’s time for a break from betting on sports, many books will offer bettors their own online casino. There, bettors can take part in interactive slots, blackjack, poker, and much more.

There are also sportsbooks in Canada that will offer horse racing odds. Bettors can find daily odds at certain local tracks as well as those for the major international events like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes. 

Whatever action bettors are looking for, they can now find it in the best Canadian sportsbooks like Canada’s Bookie and Atlantic Bookie.