Big Brother Betting

Big Brother is one of the most popular reality TV series in the world and my personal favorite. Every summer Big Brother USA starts, but there are also other Big Brother seasons on during the year in other places around the world including Canada, UK and Australia.

Big Brother US and Big Brother UK both launched in 2000 albeit with slightly different formats. The shows are almost identical, but in the US the houseguests vote each other out whereas in the UK the public viewers get to evict the houseguests each week.

This slight difference will play a huge role in your betting strategy. It’s actually easier to bet on the UK version where the public votes since changing the perception of the mass public is difficult while in the US the houseguests change their votes constantly.

Below is a table which lists the online sportsbooks you want to be betting on for Big Brother. They are trusted sites with great odds and customer support.

Ways to Bet on Big Brother Online

Outright Winner – Bet on a Player to Win the Season

Example: Bet on Andy Herren to Win 8/1

The majority of Big Brother fans will place a bet on who they want to win and that’s it for the season. Generally the odds come out after the first live show and remain up until the finale although the odds will constantly change throughout the season.

Often the best time to bet is when the odds are initially released. This isn’t always true though, as lately the winners of the show have been relatively quiet until later in the game. The quiet players will often see their odds drift out before shortening.

Weekly Eviction – Bet on Which Player Will be Evicted

Example: Bet on Willie Hantz to be Evicted -400

Each week there is a live eviction and betting sites offer lines on which candidate will be the next to go. During the early stage of the game evictions are rather obvious and the odds will reflect that, but later in the game there can be value had in some instances.

Don’t be afraid to risk $300 or $400 to win $100 on a weekly eviction bet either. Sure betting $100 to win $400 is a lot nicer, but if you’re 90% sure a player will be sent home that week than getting –400 odds would be excellent value to bet on.

Top Male/Female – Bet on Which Male and/or Female Will Finish the Highest

Example: Ian Terry to be the Last Male Standing 1000

At the beginning of season 14 most people didn’t think Ian would make it far. He loved the game, played both sides of the house well and ended up winning the season. With this bet you don’t even need to predict who will win the season at the end.

You can bet on which male player will make it the farthest or what female player will make it the farthest. As the season progresses it becomes easier to predict the top male/female player, but with Big Brother it never seems to play out how it should play out.
The obligatory Big Brother cast in their swimwear photo

Tips for Betting on Big Brother

We all spend hours watching Big Brother when each season runs. Big Brother US and Canada both air on TV three times each week during the season with the eviction episode airing live. You can also watch live online feeds of the Big Brother house 24/7.

Power Couples: A lot of attention is put on “power couples” in the game and these days the houseguests look to get rid of them fairly quickly most of the time. I tend to shy away from betting on a power couple to win the season.

Elimination: From the moment you watch the series premier you should be eliminating the players that don’t look like they’ll make it past the first few evictions. Often annoying or bully players will stand out from the crowd very quickly.

Twists: Each season seems to have more twists than the last and it’s important to follow them. In BB Canada 2 the public got to vote two players on the block and it changed the entire game. Be weary of potential twists that can hurt your bet.

Sleepers: The winner is often a player that can navigate game as a “sleeper”. They’re on the radar, but they’re never the one of the block until it’s too late. I look for players to make a lot of early connections in the game, but keep them quiet.

Jury House: Most of the betting on BB takes place during the week of the finale. The odds are shorter, but you’ll be able to have a great idea of who’ll win based on the connections the two finalists have with the jurors in the jury house.

Weekly Markets: There can be some great odds on the weekly markets, especially on a week where you think the head of household will make a big move to get rid of a big player. Listen to the HG’s to find out where they all stand.

Betting limits are still slow and liquidity in the markets is still small, but betting on Big Brother isn’t always about how much money you can make. If you’re going to invest hours each week to watch a reality TV show it’s always more fun to have some action on it.

Another option to make money on Big Brother is to continually hedge the market. Let’s say an alliance is about to be broken up and the power in the house is about to shift. Determine who’ll benefit from the power struggle and place an outright bet on them.

If you picked the right player and they start to take over the house you can hedge out of the bet a few weeks later for a profit. If you follow the show closely and play the markets right you’ll be able to time your picks and come out way ahead after a full season.

Sportbooks For Betting On Big Brother