This is the online sportsbook ratings section where we monitor and rate all online sportsbooks. It is best to always play at A rated sportsbooks but if does not fit your situation we recommend never play at a sportsbook with a rating lower than B.

1.0 Rating means the sportsbook is awful. They may be bankrupt or not paying players or a host of other possible reasons. Be smart about your decision and run!

2.0 – Rating means the sportsbook is not a good option. Even if you have no other alternative, we suggest you do not be with these guys. They are rated so low for a number of reasons, including that they may not be financially stable and there is a good chance you will not be paid.

3.0 – Rating means just an average sportsbook. This may be for a variety of reasons. We suggest you keep looking for a better sportsbook unless it is only one available to your jurisdiction.

4.0 – Rating means above average online sportsbook that is financially stable and you will be paid from these sportsbooks. They have room for improvement, but such suit 95% of sports bettors.

5.0 – Five stars. This sportsbook is recommended by Sportsbook Update and as far as we can is financially stable with a good long term industry reputation.