Dancing With the Stars Betting

Dancing With the Stars only debuted in 2005, but the eighteenth season is already over, as the show completes two seasons every year, which is rare amongst reality shows. DWTS has a huge following mainly because the contestants on the show are celebrities.

As soon as the contestant list for a new season is released fans start voicing their opinion on who will win. Since the contestants are all famous fans are already familiar with everyone, so it’s possible to bet on DWTS before even seeing the first episode air.

With the majority of shows in this genre fans have to see the contestants perform because they’re strangers to us. When you have celebrities involved in a reality game show competition you’ll always attract a lot of fans looking to place wagers on their favorite.

The goal in Dancing With the Stars is to outlast the rest of the contestants by performing predetermined dances each week. Each of the judges’ vote on each contestant every week and the fans vote as well. Scores are combined to determine who is in the bottom.

Combining the judges’ scores and fan votes each week makes it a bit difficult to bet on. Not only do you have to predict how the fans will vote, but you also need to stay informed on which contestants the judges’ like/dislike, which changes weekly it seems at times. Try one of the recommended online sportsbooks below for a great range of markets for betting on Dancing With the Stars.

Types of Dancing With the Star Betting Markets

  • Show Winner – Which Celebrity Will Win

Example: Brooke Burke to win DWTS 600

Each of the celebrity contestants is paired up with a professional dancer at the start of the season and they always dance together on the show. When betting on the DWTS winner you can bet on any of the celebrities as soon as the contestant list is released.

The odds constantly shift based on the action the books are receiving on each contestant. If a celebrity has a perfect performance expect his/her odds to drop significantly when the odds come out the following week, which is why most fans bet early.

  • Head-to-Head – Celebrity vs. Celebrity Dance Off

Example: Meryl Davis to Outlast Amy Purdy –140

There are different types of H2H markets for Dancing With the Stars. At the start of a new season fans can bet on H2H markets that last the entire season. The sportsbook will list two celebrities and you pick which one you think will make it the furthest on DWTS.

If you prefer instant gratification than you can bet on weekly H2H markets. Again there will be two celebrities listed for each H2H match-up and you have to pick which one will have the highest weekly score after combining the judges’ plus fan vote.

  • DWTS Prop Betting Markets

Example: A Female Celebrity Will Win DWTS –120

A few betting sites have a good selection of DWTS prop bets. Before a new season you can bet on whether a male or female will win the show. Some sites will even post up betting odds on whether or not a certain celebrity will be on the next season of DWTS.

With the way the scoring works it opens up a lot of betting opportunities. I’ve seen props where you can bet on whether or not a celebrity will receive a perfect score of 30 during their weekly performance or which celebrity will receive the highest weekly score.

All of the weekly props for Dancing With the Stars makes it much more entertaining to bet on, as you can have the chance to win every week. Just make sure you set a bankroll and don’t go over your limit each week, as that’s when bettors get into trouble.

Dancing With the Stars Betting Tips

The first thing you should do is research each celebrity contestant before the season starts to determine which ones have a chance to win the show. Look to see if the celebrity has a dancing background. Often you can eliminate a lot of the field this way.

On the other hand you have to consider that America is voting, so contestants with large fan bases often do well. We’ve seen a few big football stars win DWTS including Emmitt Smith (Season 3), Hines Ward (Season 12) and Donald Driver (Season 14).

They weren’t necessarily the best dancers on the season, but they had a ton of fan support. Normally women only vote on these types of shows, but you’ll find that a lot of men with vote on DWTS if they’re watching it with their wife/girlfriend anyways.

Through eighteen seasons of Dancing With the Stars a female celebrity has won nine times and a male celebrity has won nine times. If you look at recent winners from the show though it becomes apparent that women have had the edge (Won L4 Seasons).

You’ll be able to find a lot of value in the H2H markets each week as well. Often average scores for each celebrity don’t waver too much throughout the season unless they have a poor performance in which case their judges’ score will be much lower.

I use the average score data to find the best weekly H2H match-up markets to bet on. Look for contestants that have been able to put up consistent scores throughout the season. Some celebrities nail certain themes, but struggle other weeks.

One last tip I want to leave you with is to shop around for the best lines. Numerous betting sites post odds on DWTS including some sportsbooks in Las Vegas. Due to the popularity you can increase your edge by hunting down the best odds before placing your bet.

Sportbooks For Betting On Dancing With The Stars