Do Betting Strategies Really Work?

So if you read the title, you’re probably skeptical.

Don’t want to read a few more hundred words from a sports betting blog, and gain insightful knowledge of sports betting strategies?

Here’s the short answer: yes, they work.

But here’s a better question you should be asking: why do sports betting strategies work?

Let me tell you. Sit tight.

Sports Investing, Not Sports Gambling

Okay, before you call us new-age mystics trying to use euphemisms to dress up our language, understand something: if you treat sports betting like gambling, you’re going to lose.

Just as with any game or activity, those who take a methodical, time-tested approach will often outperform those who don’t.

The guy who bets on teams because he likes their mascots is eventually going to run into a brick wall and blow his bankroll up, whereas, the nerd who is relying on astrology is going to end up similarly frustrated.

Those are not repeatable processes that are governed by probability and math. These are pseudo-scientific ways of simplifying what can be a noisy process: refining all of the variables in a contest and determining a wager.

Personal Betting Habits Dictate Win Percentage

With sports betting strategies, you’re treating the craft as something to be mastered, rather than something to be spontaneously enjoyed on a whim chasing adrenaline.

Don’t get us wrong. That can be fun, but when you are using sports betting strategies, you maximize the probability that you will win more and lose fewer times, and when you do lose, losses don’t wipe your account out.

Risk Management

One of the most important aspects of betting strategies involves risk management. As anyone telling you how to trade on the market will explain, understanding your stop losses is essential.

The same applies to betting.

With an adequate betting strategy, you’ll fine-tune your bankroll, so you’re risking based on percentages. When you lose, you re-tool and re-evaluate your decisions so you can mitigate future risks. Always find the best place for bets.

Trying to manage risk without a strategy is virtually impossible. Sure, you may go on a sporadic run here and there, but long term, you’re going to get crushed. Depending on the sport, volatility can wipe out any bankroll, and without a strategy, you’re destined for failure.

Beware of Band-Aids

No, not the kind you buy at the pharmacy, we’re talking about betting strategy band-aids. These are strategies that cover up bad habits and fail to address underlying shortcoming, such as an inability to be selective or managing your wager sizes.

Relying on “double-up” or “chase” plays are not systems, but rather, recipes for delayed destruction.

If you’re relying on these band-aids, it’s because you don’t have a strategy.

Strategic bettors will eye worthy wagers the same way an eagle eyes its prey. You don’t pounce on every single wager, but instead, you diligently hunt for situations or opportunities that are favorable.

This is called being a savvy bettor, one who is not gambling, but rather, going out with a methodical approach that will pay dividends with discipline, patience, and fortitude.

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