During the Football Season, you need the help of this Tool

Bookies it’s football season, the best time of year to make a small fortune. We all know how inconsistent the NFL is and gamblers can’t “call it” to save their lives. The better news, they think they can! You need all of the cross-action that you can possibly find. You want football bettors thinking they can beat you. Guess what; they can beat you every once in a while, but for the most part, they’re going to lose. You must have an appeal to football bettors, and you must have a system that works. Going this alone is no longer a viable option. Find yourself a fantastic PayPerHead and start using the best football betting software on the market. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Why a Pay Per Head?

  • A PayPerHead or better known as a (PPH) is an online software provider that charges for their services on a per head basis. Meaning – Should you sign up for the use of this software, you will be charged for every betting client that bets with you.
  • The cost of doing business with a reputable PPH is around $10 per head, per week. The PPH is a provider of bookie management software that runs the daily affairs of your bookie business.
  • The PPH providers have come up with software that takes on the task of doing a bookies job. The only thing you need to do as a bookie is to find players, keep players, turn on the computer every day, and click the mouse! You are also responsible for collecting deposits and paying your clients when they beat you. Any good bookie worth their reputation and their salt, will, of course, payout in a timely manner. The software can’t tell you how to run your personal affairs, however it can steer you on the right path.
  • The PPH providers put their heads together ( a bunch of sports gamblers), they put their heads together and realized there had to be a better way to earn money then by sweating games on a nightly basis. They also realized that a bookie job is an all-encompassing one that requires much dedication and attention to detail.
  • More than 20-years ago this group of gamblers that got together and created the PPH system decided they didn’t possess the skills necessary to build the kind of software that could operate an online bookmaker. They knew what they wanted, and they had a passion for it. They pooled their money and hired programmers that were experienced in writing code for an operating system and it was delivered.
  • The bad news; it was expensive and the cost to bookie was virtually unaffordable. They were charging around $25 per head. Nobody wanted to pay these kinds of prices. That’s $1250 per week for 50 players, as a result, most bookies shied away from this excessive expense.

The PPH industry today:

  • It has changed drastically. Fortunately the product has not only become much better and efficient, it has also become affordable at $7-$15 per head depending on the level of service provided. Most bookies pay an average of $10 per head for the best provider in the industry.
  • The PPH has combined their services to include not only an online sportsbook, but also an online casino, and racebook. You get all three in one when you sign up.
  • The PPH is a             turnkey operation that you simply use from a desktop or mobile app. There is no programming needed, you do not have to be a Webhost or site-builder. The PPH provided you with a custom-made website that is user-friendly for you as well as your clients.
  • The PPH gives you an immediate online presence that you must have if you want to keep your clients interested. Your clients want to gamble on their time, and they want you to be available 24/7. Now you can be with the use of bookie software.

The football season is not only busy because of football, but it’s also busy because of the MLB Playoffs, the NBA, the NCAA BB, hockey and much more. Great bookie software is an all-encompassing tool that does all of the mundane chores that a bookie must do on a daily basis. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial. Find out if this is for you. You will be glad you made the change as you see profits soar.

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