Holiday Reader Mailbag

Thanksgiving saw a flourish of holiday wagering.  New people that have come to the fold wanted to try their hands at football betting.  As their wives and mothers paid attention to the oven from 8AM on, their thoughts turned to the sportspage.  Three NFL games with the Lions quickly coming up.  The wisest of the bunch thought of America’s Bookie to help them out with their holiday wagering need.

Quinn from Brooklyn

Hey Sportsbookupdate,

Wanted to write in and tell you about how the Lions and Panthers made me a mint.  I would be able to watch the first two games before having to travel to the inlaws for Thanksgiving night.  Knew those punk Eagles were quitters.  Brooklyn could see the failures in the Chip Kelly system.  So I had the money and wanted to make a quick buck.  Called America’s Bookie and they told me how to deposit very quickly.

Ran to the store, picked up some more beer, and came back to see the money in my account.  Bet on on Panthers…double score.  Now here comes the test.  figured to go cautious the rest of the weekend with side action.  Lost some but won more.  Monday came around and I wanted my money.  Put in the request and next day cash in my hand.  Thank you Sportsbookupdate for saying everything that America’s Bookie ended up being.


Glad to be of service.  No one should be able to tell you if we can or can not wager on the sports we love.  It is akin to stock speculation.  The informed work hard and make their best bids at speculation to reap a windfall.  America’s Bookie is there to take the action and payout to those whose sports wisdom beats the house.  Congratulations and have a happy wagering holiday from all of us at Sportsbook update.