How to Bet On Sports- Online Sportsbook Bonuses and Incentives


Over the past decade or so, online sports betting, has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry on a global scale. The sheer number of sportsbooks taking action online these days is staggering and they all have just one thing in common; the burning desire to take your betting action.

There are a number of quality online betting outlets to choose from and one of the added perks of actually opening up an online betting account at one of these sites is the added bonuses and incentives that can help you extend your sports betting bankroll.

The most common sportsbook bonus is money back in the form of a free bet on a set percentage of your initial deposit. For example, if the bonus is set at 50 percent up to $500, you can earn a $250 credit to be used towards making a free bet. This all sounds simple enough, but every online sportsbook also has certain rollover requirements on that initial deposit amount before you can collect your bonus. A rollover pertains to betting the deposit amount plus the specified bonus, so a 4X rollover requirement would require you to place at least $3000 in bets (win or lose) before you receive the $250 free bet bonus.

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Some books will continue offer free bet bonuses on reloads (additional deposits) to your account, but set rollover requirements are always in place before you can collect on that  additional bonus amount.

Another popular bonus is actual cash back into your account once you have met all the rollover requirements. For example, if you opt for a 10 percent cash back bonus on that initial $500 bonus, you now have the chance to earn $50 in actual money. The percentages are usually much lower than the free bet bonuses, but you may still prefer to have actual cash added to your betting account to use however you please.

There are ways that you can still earn money when you lose. One of the best incentives that some online books will offer is a percent back in cash on losing bets over the course of set period of time. Nobody sets out to lose money when betting on sports, but it remains a fact of life. If the cash back bonus is set at five percent of your total losses, then the book will credit your account with the proper amount on a specified date. Most cash back incentives are on an annual basis and there may be some limits in place on the actual amount of cash a book will pay back.

If you are looking for the most valuable incentive a sportsbook can offer it would be ‘reduced juice’ on specified bets. The standard juice (commission) a typical sportsbook charges on a losing bet is 10 percent. If you can find a book that lowers that rate to five percent, you have just cut your losses in half along with original bet. Saving money on commission is an excellent way to extend your overall betting bankroll and the savings can really add up over the course of an entire year.

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There are number of handy sports betting information websites that can help you expedite your search for the best bonus rewards and promotional incentives, but it still comes down to doing your due diligence when trying to find an online sportsbook that best suits your betting style. It is also important to fully understand all the rules and requirements concerning any bonus or incentive offer so there are no surprises after the fact. The bottom line is that today’s online betting outlets appreciate customer loyalty and they are eager to offer some handsome rewards to earn yours.