How to Start an Online Betting Shop the Easy Way


A million-dollar question with a million-dollar answer. How can I start my own online betting shop the easy way? Don’t look any further, the correct answer is: Price per Head.

That is the super short answer, of course, but it is the one you are looking for, and now we’re going to tell you why, how and when. It’s important to mention that, obviously, it’s not the only way to do it; people have been gambling for decades and there has been a clear evolution process, in which many people have been able to achieve success. Some of them had better luck than others and found themselves at the end of the road faster, some of them struggled a little bit more and had to wait longer to be able to reach that point when you finally know you made it. That’s how life works, clearly, but the good news for you is that there are business models nowadays, like Price per Head, that can guarantee to make your experience better, help you reach success faster and do things a lot more efficiently.



How easy is it, really?

Let’s think of the first week only. You’re just starting your operation, you just decided you’ll join Price per Head. What do you need? We’ll make it simple:

  1. Organize your players. How many are they? Do you have their contact info? Just make a list and have it ready.
  2. Make a phone call. Once you’ve chosen a PPH service to take over your operations, just give them a call and tell them what you need. They’ll get you all setup in a matter of hours.
  3. Choose your name. Your PPH service provider will create your very own website, where your players will log in to play and you will log in to run your reports. Just make sure you have some name options so that they can get the domain and set up your site.
  4. Grab a couple hundred bucks and get started. So, the thing with Price per Head is that all you must pay is a small weekly fee per active customer. That’s all! So, let’s say you have 20 players in your package; with a $10 fee per customer, which is a normal amount in PPH, the most you would have to pay that week is $200, and that is if everyone plays. Fees may vary from service to service, but it’s usually around $10 to $15.

After that, you’ll have a running operation, a whole company backing you up with the day to day responsibilities, a bunch of satisfied customers and a whole lot of time to enjoy your success. From now on, all you need to do is make sure things are running smoothly, keep in touch with your provider for anything you need, talk to your players and get some feedback. Is that easy enough for you?

Give us a call right now and let us point you in the right direction. Being a successful Bookie has never been as easy as it is today.


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