Keys to Football Betting Success – A Solid Budget and A Great Bookie


It’s that time of year again, time to dust off the gambling cobwebs and hit the trail in pursuit of a great online bookie as well as construct a solid betting plan and agenda. Many folks stumble their way through the football season without a plan of action, without any kind of budget and frankly; a losing mentality! It’s not too late to change all of this.

Tips to Finding the Right Online Sportsbook

There is definitely no shortage of online betting options when it comes to placing wagers on your favorite sporting events.

The first thing that you must do as a sports gambler is remember that you do this for fun. Gambling is fun and betting on football is the most fun! Here is the deal: You gamble on sports because you love it, you love the action of football and you love the thrill and possibility of winning money. An interesting way of looking at this and a new way to think of sports gambling is like this… You pay the bookies to gamble. You do, yes you do. You’re arguing this in your mind right now and saying but how? One of two possibilities exist in NFL gambling; you are either paying or you are getting paid. Which is it. Where do you fit in?

If you are not getting paid to gamble on the NFL, then you must change your habits right now. There is a virtual money train to the tune of over $100 billion dollars that are gambled every single year on football alone. Are you driving the train or are you a passenger?

Finding the Betting Value in Online Sportsbooks’ Special Player Props

Mix things up this year and don’t settle for barely getting by or worse yet; having a losing season. Gambling is a lot of fun and it certainly makes any game more exciting, but is it fun when you are losing? Is it fun always paying the man? Of course, losing is no fun, it sucks! This is your hard earned money, don’t throw it away. Learn how to budget your money and be disciplined.

Build a great budget, here is how:

► Know exactly how much you want to spend on every game, every week and never break the spending rule.

►Know exactly hos much you want to set aside every week for props and do not break this rule. If you do not spend it all, then like any budget, you are in a surplus and you can reinvest that money on week to week games, prop odds or future odds.

► Get your future bets in now. Know how much you want to spend and do not fudge on this rule, not even one penny. Revisit the future bets that you made, once a month and if you want to reinvest then do so. You know how much you can spend on futures every month. Set aside a futures budget line and follow it.

►Use a tracking system to keep track of your wins and losses. You must know exactly where you are at after every win and every loss. Find a system for this, whether is be MS Excel, or more sophisticated software such as Intuit QuickBooks. Throw away the pen and paper, this is one time when you should write nothing down. Writing your bets down in a notebook is archaic and a sure fire way to lose track of where you really are.

►Treat your gambling hobby as though it were a business. You must know your cash flow. You must follow and keep track of every penny that is spent and every penny that is brought in. Do this on a daily basis

Find a great bookie:

► Do not mess around with a bookie that you cannot call from the United States.

► Read a review or two and find a bookie that comes with a great reputation for fast and hassle free deposit options and payout methods

► Find a sportsbook that is offering a great player bonus as well as free contests.

► Look for a bookie that has great lines and odds for football.

This is your year to make big profits. Have a plan going in and you will reap the rewards. Have no plan, and you will be broke, by the end of September! Have a budget, find a great online bookie service and most of all handicaps the games and be ready to win. Make this season your best ever.