NFL Betting Sites

Out of all of the different sports that you have the option of betting on out there, probably the most popular (for American bettors at least) has to be football.  Football betting adds another level of excitement to the weekends, and also through the weeks.  You are going to find that there are full slates of games throughout the entire weekend during football season, and that there are games scattered throughout the week as well.  With all of this being said, there are many different types of betting options for NFL bettors, and with so many games and options out there it’s important to know exactly what to expect and how to make some serious money betting on football.  First, we will look at the recommended NFL betting sites and then we can jump into the different types of bets and also give some strategy behind football betting.

Point Spread NFL Bets

The point spread is definitely the most popular type of football bet out there, regardless of if you are betting on the NFL, College Football, or the Canadian Football League.  The point spread is simply the line that is on the game, and your job is to choose whether the favorite or the underdog can cover it.  For example, if a team is 8, as long as they lose by a touchdown or less then you are good on your bet.  Betting the point spread means that the odds are going to be pretty consistent across the board with very little movement, but they are tough bets to hit and require quite a bit of research as well to find the best angles on the games.

Straight Betting on the NFL

Straight betting on the NFL can be a great option, especially if you include the favorites in a parlay, but most importantly if you can find an underdog or two who could pull off the upset.  You can get good odds on a team who is getting a few points to pull an upset, and the payout will be nice on these bets.  Most importantly though, if you add an underdog straight bet into a parlay it definitely jumps up the odds quite a bit as well.  Straight bets can be good, but you should also avoid betting on favorites whose odds aren’t going to return enough on your money.  For example, betting on a team -10 straight up probably won’t be worth the risk.

NFL Parlays

It’s important to note that with parlays you can include any number of sports that you want to typically, but in terms of NFL parlays, they can be a great option for days like Saturday or Sunday where there are a whole lot of games set to play.  Regardless though, you can definitely scatter a parlay throughout the week if you want to, but remember that in order to win any type of parlay that you have to hit every single bet inside of the parlay for you to win.  One tip that I’d definitely give for parlay betting is to make sure that you aren’t over betting, as parlays are going to be much tougher to hit than a standard bet is.

NFL Teasers

In terms of my favorite personal bet for the NFL, I’d say that the teaser bet definitely ranks near the top.  Teasers are a great option for sports bettors, as it allows you to move the line on games and basically have a parlay on two or more of them.  You are able to move the lines either 6, 6.5, or 7 points.  It is worth noting that the odds are going to be adjusted by how much you move the line on games, but you can include a good number of bets in a single teaser.  You can also move the over/under as well in a teaser by between 5-6 points, which may not seem like a lot but it is.  Don’t get crazy with teasers, but you can find some great options in football games if you take your time to look through them.

Football Betting Tips

The most important betting tip that I can give for football betting and any other type of betting is to never over bet based on the size of your bankroll.  This is standard betting strategy and money management of course, but it’s still crucial.  Also, with a sport like football there are many things that you should be factoring in such as home field advantage, records against the spread, how teams play against each other, injuries, and much more.  With that being said, taking the time to do the research that is needed to get all of the information is important as well.  Just read up on the games and look for the best possible angles before you get a final bet down, and this will make it so that you are a consistently profitable football bettor.