NFL Trend to Continue For Week Four?

Attention and discernment of trends can help one elevate profits and reduce risk even in the lean times.  This NFL season has seen the public and the sportsbooks exchange body blows through the first three weeks of the football season.  Big name betting favorites were leading the way last Sunday with blowout covers.  No feasible that could be assigned could realistically cover the likes of New England or Seattle.  Now the betting public has a new theory they embraced last week.  Find out what it was and how it will probably be in full force for the 10/1 game between the Ravens (0-3) at the Steelers (2-1).

NFL Trend : Fade Second String QB’s

Sharps and the public both knew where to mine, the difference was the level of investment and return.  When Brees was announced hurt, offshore saw large wagers comes streaming in on the Panthers.  So much so that it drove the market to -10 and over.  The only problem was that New Orleans came to play and outperformed this prognostication.  Without this infusion of cash to the books, Vegas and offshore would have experienced worse losses.  Atlanta was the surprise focus of a lot of recreational bettors and they came through.  People faded the Bears with Cutler out even in a sixteen point spread.  No worries as Seattle won by over twenty.  Finally, a gimpy Stafford gutted out the start but the bet heavy Broncos delivered the final blow.

On to Pittsburgh

Now comes the question of making an 0-3 Ravens team a two and a half point favorite over the Steelers. Check this line often at quality sportsbooks like Americas Bookie.   While there is significant drop off when one starts Michael Vick, can this line reverse the trend?  First off the betting should achieve more of a balance based on both the Steelers name and Michael Vick himself attracting wagers.  Now onto the task at hand.  Will the Steelers trust Michael Vick enough with the proper game plan to defeat the Ravens?  This is based on deep throws against a very suspect secondary.  Baltimore gave up gads of yards against both Dalton and Carr already.

So this is your pressure point moment for all of Week Four.  Be prepared to adjust your lines or even go against what the market is offering.  If Baltimore pulls this off then the public will be all over the teams facing substitute quarterbacks.  By this proactive approach, one can limit exposure when the betting public goes on one of these runs they do every season or so.