Set Up Your Own Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Are you one of those people who have lots of friends who bet on sports week after week, and have always thought you’re missing the chance to make money out of that? Well, it’s about time you know that you’re not alone in this world, many people believe that and guess what, you’re right. Sports betting is and will always be huge; let’s face it, people like gambling, it’s basically part of sports, and there are millions and millions of dollars out there going back and forth, and you have the chance to step in and claim your part. There was a time when becoming a bookmaker, or a “bookie”, as it’s commonly known, implied thousands and thousands of dollars to invest monthly just to be able to own a small shop. But now things are a lot different, and with Price per Head you can have your very own Sportsbook operation up and running in no time, and investing a few hundred dollars a week, maybe, or even less.

What is Price per Head?

PPH, or Pay per Head is the present and future of gambling online. Forget about the idea of a huge office, dozens of employees, thousands of dollars invested in equipment, licenses, personnel and what not. The PPH Business idea has come to stay and revolutionize the whole sports betting industry in a good way… a great way! Price per Head companies provide all the services and personnel you need to be able to run a successful operation, for just a small weekly fee per active customer. How much is that fee? Well it depends on the service provider, but it goes all the way down to $8 or $10 dollars per active customer; sometimes a little bit more, depending on the services they offer. What this means is that, if you have 10 active customers in a week, you might have to pay around $100 only, for the whole operation. All you need to take care of is getting your customers ready to play and dealing with them directly about their payments.

Some of the services you get when you join a PPH provider are:

  • ► Completely operational website with a customized skin for your business.
  • ► State of the art wagering software.
  • ► Sports betting, horse racing and casino.
  • ► 24/7 world class Customer Service.
  • ► Some of the most experienced line movers and best line moving software in the industry.
  • ► All kinds of reports so you can be on top of your numbers.
  • ► Much more…


What does this mean?

Basically, now you can be a successful Sportsbook owner with all the best services available and for just a fraction of the cost. It means that now you can finally enjoy your favorite games and sports from anywhere in the world, while you actually make a good profit out of it, knowing that all your customers, whether it’s 5 or 200 of them, will be well taken care of, under professional supervision, having fun and betting on those games. All you’re going to need is a smartphone or a laptop and internet access.

And don’t get us wrong, you will still have full control of your operation, if that’s what you want. You’ll be able to adjust your lines just by accessing the platform, you’ll be able to profile your customers, set limits, run all kinds of different reports, while your PPH service provider takes care or the rest and manages your risk for you.

Sounds like fun? Well, don’t get left behind. Price per Head is your best shot, and this is the time for you to jump in and start making some good money.


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