Superiority of P2P Payments Over CC in the USA

Many different means of funding American sportsbook accounts exist but the person to person option continually ranks near the top in satisfaction and security.  Recent events have unfolded in one of the largest serving US companies that cast a shadow across credit card processing.  Find out what this is, where it happened, and how the CC solution does not have a quick fix in this Sportsbook update article.

P2P Advantages

Once a quick jaunt is done to your local MG provider, both the client and the company are greatly assured that both ends of the transaction will go well.  The customer can obtain better bonuses because the company does not have the shrinkage of chargebacks to contend with.  Sportsbooks have more of a known quantity in what they can offer in addition to the normal fare because of this.  A win – win situation with additional equity on both sides is achieved here.

5Dimes CC Fraud Case

Eight clients have come forward and contend that the CC’s they used to fund 5Dimes had fraudulent charges on them.  5D says that it was hackers and incomplete information was obtained so that the charges did not go through.  At least one customer has shown us they did and that their bank had to reimburse them.  What casts doubt in this case is the 5dimes requirement of having the front and back of the card photographed and sent to them when you ask for payment.  Frequent attempts by some long time customers to contact them via email have gone ignored.

We can not empathize enough the caveats of p2p funding over methods involve credit cards.  It is safer, more straight forward, and less chance of having hard feelings.  Follow up with Sportsbook Update as we will keep you abreast of the developments in the 5dimes case.