Survivor Betting

Survivor has been running since 2000 and is the reality show that started the long-lasting trend. We’re closing in on the 30th season of the show, which is an incredible run and fans of Survivor continue to crave the show, as TV ratings still remain high.

Contestants on Survivor are sent to an island to fend for themselves while competing against other contestants. Initially players are split up into tribes to start the game. The tribes need to build a shelter, start a fire, gather food and everything else to survive.

During the game the tribes compete against each other in rewards challenges and immunity challenges. Rewards range from flint to start a fire to tables full of food they’re used to eating back home. The loser of the immunity challenge has to attend tribal council.

At tribal council the tribe is forced to vote one of their members off the team. Around the midpoint of the game the tribes merge into a single tribe and at this point the immunity challenge becomes an individual challenge with the winner guaranteed safety.

The rest of the tribe members can be voted at the next tribal council. Some seasons of Survivor have had other twists that you need to know of before betting on the competition. On Survivor the public has no say, as only the contestants vote in this game.

How to Bet on the Show Survivor

Do you think you can outwit, outplay and outlast the sportsbooks posting odds on Survivor? Survivor has a lot of strategy involved, which is one of the reasons I enjoy the show, but there are also times when tribes gang up on strong members out of jealousy.

You have to really follow the show, stay in tune with all of the alliances in the game and understand that a strong player in the game today may be a target for elimination down the road once the tribe no longer needs that person to carry them through challenges.

  • Winner – Who Will be the Ultimate Survivor

Example: Tony Vlachos to Win Survivor 700

With the way players flip flop on their alliances in this game it’s hard to predict the winner of this game early on. Later in the game it remains difficult, as often the player sitting pretty will get stabbed in the back once there are 4-5 players left in the competition.

A lot of bettors will wait until the finale to place their Survivor winner bets. The odds are nowhere near what they would have been if you bet on the player at the start of the season, but figuring out how each jury member will vote isn’t that difficult to handicap.

  • Elimination – Who Will be Voted Out of the Tribe Next

Example: Cliff Robinson to be Voted Out of the Tribe Next 300

After the immunity challenge sportsbooks will post up odds on who will be voted out next from the losing tribe. Some weeks there will be clear favorites in this market that are definitely going home, but other weeks the tribe may be split on who to send home.

Knowing the alliances on the tribe is important when betting on this market. Knowing the players and their personality is important as well. You should know which players are capable of making big moves as well as which players will flip their vote easily.

  • Survivor Prop Betting Markets

Example: A Male Will Win Survivor 140

Betting sites also post various Survivor props during the show and in between seasons. You can wager on whether a male or female will win the show, you can bet on a contestant finishing in the top 3 and you can even bet on the where Survivor will film next.

I’ve also seen props where you can bet on which tribe the winner player will come from. During seasons such as the all-stars vs. new players or brawns vs. brains vs. beauty season you’ll be able to bet on the winning tribe at the start of the season.

The cast of the recent Survivor Cagayan season

Tips for Picking the Ultimate Survivor

One of the good things about the fact there have been 28 seasons of Survivor completed is that there is a lot of data to help you find the perfect contestant. Generally you want a young contestant that can lead his/her tribe while not being outspoken.

In most cases you can quickly eliminate any of the players that have a poor attitude, are too high maintenance or simply annoying. It isn’t often that a player like the ones described above makes it far because they get on the nerves of the other members of the tribe.

One tip is to wait until the tribes are getting close to merging before placing your outright bet. If one tribe has a commanding edge in tribe members they often stick together and pick off the rest of the other tribe before going after each other later in the game.

If the tribe with more members at the merge isn’t working together well you could bet on one of the best remaining players on the other tribe, as he/she may be able to get some of the votes from the other tribe’s members causing a shift in the balance of power.

Looking at the past 29 seasons 15 males have won the show and 14 females have won the show. If you bet on the male/female prop watch the first couple weeks and you’ll be able to have a better idea of what gender will make it further in the game.

Every season is different, but you should be looking for certain things. Are the females all fighting amongst each other? Are males on the tribe fighting over leadership? Have the females or males made a gender alliance? These are questions to answer as you watch.

When you put strangers on an island with little to help them survive and their main diet is rice/water you really see how people act in situations and it’s very entertaining. Survivor has many fans worldwide and odds are available at numerous online betting sites.
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