The Voice Betting

The Voice actually started in Holland, but in 2011 the US version of the hit reality TV series aired on NBC. The show has gained a big following in only a few years and the 7th season of the show is set to air this fall. Due to its popularity we can also bet on The Voice.

This show is similar to American Idol with some subtle differences that make it exciting and interesting to watch. Contestants on the show have to be 15 years old or older and the winner of each season of The Voice wins $100,000 and a record deal with UMG.

Each season four famous artists are chosen as coaches. Past coaches on The Voice include Usher, Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Shakira, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams. Coaches on the show regularly change each season.

At the start of a season of The Voice contestants go through a blind audition. The coaches can’t see the contestants, but they get to listen to them perform. If a coach likes what they hear they press a button to signify they want that contestant on their team.

After the blind auditions coaches have a team ranging from 8 – 16 contestants (Varies by Season). Each week two contestants from a team battle it out on stage and the coach sends one player home. This happens until each team has three players left.

Example: Josh Kaufman to be the Next Voice 400

As soon as the teams are selected by the celebrity coaches at the start of a new season the odds are released. You can bet on who you think will become the next Voice at anytime during the season right up until the winner is announced during the finale.

Betting on The Voice is a bit more difficult than most reality TV shows because you have to select a singer that’s liked by their coach since the coach has the power to send home who they want. You also have to have a firm grasp on how the public will vote.

  • Winning Coach – Which Coach Will Win

Example: Adam Levine to be Winning Coach 280

This is a unique betting market available on The Voice only. Coaches are battling it out all season to have the winning singer and you can bet on which coach you think will win. The winning coach is whoever coaches the contestant that ends up winning the season.

There are only four coaches on The Voice each season, so this is the perfect futures bet to place early during the season right after the teams are picked. The payouts are less than picking the actual winner, but your chances of winning are much better.

  • Head-to-Head – Bet on H2H Markets

Example: Jake Worthington to Beat Christina Grimmie –120

Each week two contestants battle against each other and bookies post H2H odds on these battles. You pick who you think will win the battle based on how the coach votes. Once live performances start and the public votes there are also weekly markets available.

  • The Voice Prop Bets

The Voice has multiple prop markets that you can bet on during and before the season. You can bet on whether a male, female or a group will win the competition, you can bet on the age of the winner and you can bet on who the new coaches will be each year.

Tips for Picking the Next Winner of The Voice

Picking a winner of The Voice is difficult. Your first step is to establish who each coach likes the most on their team because coaches have a lot of power in this competition. You’ll also need to pick someone that will garner public votes at the end of the season.

The good news is that determining who the public likes isn’t that hard for The Voice. Each week performances by the contestants are uploaded to iTunes, so you can view the sales data to determine which contestants have a lot of fans purchasing their music.

Youtube is another great source for determining the popularity of the contestants on The Voice. Use the data that you compile from your research to make the best prediction you can on who will win. Picking the winner is never easy early in the season.

The longer you wait to bet though, the worse the odds will become on the remaining contestants. You don’t have to just bet on who you think will win the entire season. Make sure you check out the weekly betting markets for The Voice to hunt down the real value.

On the show the public are able to “save” contestants that are at risk of being eliminated. Historically a player that has been saved one week will go home the following week, so remember this tip when you’re looking at the weekly odds.

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine are the only two coaches who have been on every season. The two of them have been the coach of the winner in five of six seasons. Usher is the only other coach to win a season, as he recently won the last season (#6).
At this point the fans get a vote and eventually the fans get to decide who ends up becoming the next “Voice”. There aren’t a lot of betting markets for The Voice, but the markets that are available have become popular with fans that enjoy entertainment betting. For the best markets available, try one of the following recommended sportsbooks:

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