Updated Sportsbook Info

We bring you updated sportsbook info. Including the latest trends.

Key Points

– Trends in sports betting are related to two things – the growth of the industry itself and the rise in technology.

– The latest sports betting trends like live betting and props bets are not going away anytime soon.

Updated Sportsbook Info

Sports betting continues to gain in popularity around the world. Especially in the U.S. where the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) has opened the door to allow states to legalize sports gambling. 

Thirty states in the U.S. now allow some form of sports betting and a few more are likely to join in 2022. With technology continuing to improve, there have been some big changes in the sports betting world. 

These are the newest trends in sports betting and they are projected to continue through this year and beyond.


Online Betting

No one calls a bookie anymore. Sports betting is done via a smartphone or other mobile device. Technology has made it possible for the best sportsbooks to offer online and mobile betting and access to smart devices makes it easy for bettors to take care of all of their betting needs online.

This trend will continue in the future. Bettors can do everything from look up odds and lines to make deposits and place bets while online. It’s simple and sportsbooks and bettors like things that are easy. That’s why this trend will continue.

Live Betting & Updated Sportsbook Info

One of the latest trends in the industry is live betting, which makes wagering on games even more exciting. Sportsbooks often now offer live streams of games so that bettors can watch live action and place bets.

Bettors can place bets on live NBA action on which player will score next or will the next field goal be a two- or three-pointer. Live betting is fun, but it can also be used to hedge earlier bets.

Massive live betting menu

After making a bet on a game, you watch the live stream and see it going much differently. You can place a live wager as a hedge against that earlier bet. 

New technology also allows sportsbooks and oddsmakers to generate lines and odds within seconds. This allows sportsbooks to offer these in-game wagers. 


When the coronavirus pandemic shut down sports leagues around the world, Esports filled the void. Now, it’s not going away.

Competitive gaming continues to grow with leagues all over the world. There are competitions in games like DOTA, League of Legends, and more. Sports bettors can find action on these competitions. 

The demand to bet on Esports continues to grow. Roughly $12 billion was bet in this category in 2020. That number could double by 2030.

The Rise of Prop Bets

It used to be that proposition bets were just a Super Bowl thing. It turns out that bettors like to bet on things unrelated to the outcome of sporting events. 

Now, bettors can find all kinds of team and player props for every game on a schedule now. There are numerous individual player props for every NBA game on the board. You’ll find bets like the first team to 20 points or first quarter winner at most every sportsbook now.

Competition has forced sportsbooks to offer massive numbers of prop bets. That is something that isn’t going away soon.