X-Factor Betting

X-Factor is the most watched reality series in the UK and it has a huge following in the US as well. Simon Cowell created the show and has been a judge as well. Other judges on the US version have included Paula Abdul, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato.

X-Factor initially aired in the US in 2011 and has since run a season annually. We’re about to start the 4th season of X-Factor in the US. X-Factor runs once annually starting in September and running through December with the goal of finding the next pop stars.

The three previous winners of X-Factor are Melanie Amaro, Tate Stevens and Alex & Sierra. One of the unique things about X-Factor is that the show allows groups to audition. Each season contestants are broken into four categories based on age and gender.

X-Factor is broken down into several stages including the producer auditions, judges’ auditions, four chair challenge and finals. Once the final acts are selected the finalists move into a mansion in the Hollywood Hills and the live performances start weekly.

One reason X-Factor has become so popular is because the winner is awarded a guaranteed $5 million. X-Factor isn’t very restrictive either, as anyone 12 years of age or older can audition. Groups can also perform and they’ve often done well on the show. If you can spot who has the X-Factor, then place a bet on one of our recommended sportsbooks below for the best markets and odds for X-Factor betting.

How to Bet on X-Factor

Just like other reality television shows, the public loves to voice their opinions on the contestants and if you want you can back up your predictions with real money at the leading betting sites. Many fans wager on X-Factor and some of them make good money.

Winner Market – Who Will be the Next X-Factor

Example: Tate Stevens 500 to Win X-Factor

Betting on who will win X-Factor is the simplest market for those that are new to online wagering. Select one or multiple contestants that you think will win the current season of X-Factor and simply wait until the end of the season to find out if you’ve won your bet.

Odds on who will win the show are out for the entire season, so you can bet on your favorite contestant/s anytime. On this show the public votes on which acts they want to keep after the weekly performances and the two acts with the lowest votes are revealed.

From here the judges have the final say, as they vote who they want to keep. Since there are four judges it can be a tie in which case the act with the highest number of votes from the public will advance while the other act is eliminated from the competition.

Early during the season you can place a bet on an act to make the top 3 as well. This way if your act makes the finale you’ll win the bet and won’t have to sweat out the last public vote. If you like a middle of the pack contender to win a T3 bet is often smarter.

Weekly Market – Which Act Will be Eliminated Next

Example: Jeff Gutt to be Eliminated Next 160

Every week odds are posted on which act will be knocked out of X-Factor next. Some weeks it’s fairly obvious who will be voted out of the competition, but other weeks you’re going to have to spend time researching who the public is and isn’t voting for.

Two acts are voted by the public to be eliminated. Those two acts perform on the live elimination show and the judges will decide who to keep, as explained earlier in the article. Follow the show closely to see which acts are receiving praise from the judges.

Judges often form biases during the season and will vote a certain way. The judges vote on who to send home most of the show, but each judge also mentors one of the four groups during the season and they want their team members to win the show.

This not only makes for good television, but it’ll help you handicap the weekly markets. Listen to what the judges have to say about the acts and you’ll have a good idea of who is in danger of going home. I find this bet type is best to target early in the season.

Group Winner – Best Act From Each Group

Example: Alex & Sierra to Win the “Groups” Group 100

There are four groups each season although they often change from season to season. All finalists are placed into one of the groups and you can bet on which act you think will win the group, which is easier than trying to predict who will win the entire show.

Judge Winner – Which Judge Will Win

Example: Simon Cowell to be Winning Judge 130

Simon Cowell has been the winning judge in two of the first three seasons of X-Factor USA. As I said earlier, each judge mentors one of the four groups. If you like the contestants from a specific group this market is your best bet, as you’ll have a 25% chance to win.

X-Factor Betting Tips

I’ve already mentioned some basic tips and strategies under each of the X-Factor bet types. X-Factor revolves around the live performances and each week a different theme is chosen for the contestants, which ensures that every contestant has their ups and downs.

You want to bet on an act that’ll not be voted into the bottom two by the public. The judges can’t get rid of a contestant unless they have been voted into the bottom two. So, your first order of business is identifying the contestants that the public loves.

When it comes to the elimination betting markets for X-Factor you have to focus more on the judges’ opinions because the judges have the final say as to who goes home each week until the finale. The show is extremely competitive and tough to handicap.

The show is looking for a performer or performers that have the X-Factor needed to sell millions of albums. X-Factor is normally on the hunt for the next pop star or group, but in season 2 the winner ended up being country music singer Tate Stevens.

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